In collaboration with the Government of Albania and the Open Society Foundations, the Center for International Development (CID) launched this research project that aims at identifying Albania's binding constraints and proposing policy solutions that can relax them. CID gathered a team of prominent researchers and experts in the fields of macroeconomics, energy policy, public finance, agriculture and labor markets, among other fields, for this mission. Read more


The Albanian Miracle

Once the "North Korea of Europe," Albania now boasts an income level that is 25% that of Germany, double-digit export growth, and a strengthening currency. This suggests that the economists and multilateral institutions now being blamed for all sorts of disappointing outcomes may not be entirely useless after all. Read Ricardo Hausmann's op-ed for Project Syndicate.

Accelerating Progress in Albania


Ricardo Hausmann addressed Albania's cabinet of ministers and 50 ambassadors during a retreat on economic diplomacy.