The Nexus between Diaspora and Socio-Economic Development

Author - Ermal Frasheri

On the eve of the Diaspora Summit in Albania, I gave an interview on the morning show 7pa5 at VizionPlus TV where I discussed the nexus between diaspora and socio-economic development. This is the first Diaspora Summit in Albania, and there is a lot of expectation and good will to turn it into a regular event where the energy of a diaspora could be harnessed to transform Albania. Read more about The Nexus between Diaspora and Socio-Economic Development

Albania's Credit Market

Authors: Duygu Guven and Mykola Miagkyi

Credit market activity in Albania has been sluggish in recent years in spite of low and declining interest rates. The economy lost its growth momentum after 2009. Investment and lending activity slowed down substantially despite low interest rates, relative macroeconomic resilience, and available capacity in the private sector to take on more debt. . Read more about Albania's Credit Market