After a decade of sustained economic development, the engines of growth in the Republic of Albania slowed down in response to the European economic crisis. The external sources of growth, remittances and exports, have stalled. Solvency constraints and unfavorable credit market conditions restrict the effectiveness of the fiscal and monetary policy. These factors conspire against an economic recovery in the near future unless Albania engages in rethinking the processes leading to its growth.

To address this situation, in cooperation with the new Government of Albania and the Open Society Foundations, the Center for International Development (CID) launched the Institutional Strengthening and Economic Diversification in Albania research project that aims at identifying Albania's binding constraints and proposing policy solutions that can relax them. CID gathered a team of prominent researchers and experts in the fields of macroeconomics, energy policy, public finance, agriculture and labor markets, among other fields, for this mission.

The project duration is four years (2013-2017). The results of this research include CID working papers, case studies, policy briefings and executive sessions.